NWSOF Entry Form

Stallion owner, mare owner, foal owner and exhibitor must be current members.

Entry fee for all FUTURITY and OPEN Classes $50.00 entry fee UNLESS otherwise noted.

Entries for FUTURITY Classes MUST BE POST MARKED by SEPTEMBER 1. All Futurity Entries received after September 1, will double in fees. No Exceptions and No Refunds. OPEN Classes CAN BE Entered Day of Show – No Refunds

*Must be out an an Eligible Futurity Stallion
+Can only enter Class 23 or Class 24. May not enter same horse in both classes.
++Can only enter Class 25 or Class 26. May not enter same horse in both classes.

No Refunds. All payback will be mailed after show. All non-monetary prizes will be awarded day of show.

Make checks payable to: NWMSOF
Mail entries to: NWMSOF Secretary Brenda Neil
9295 North State Route A
Maysville, MO 64469

Send PayPay payments to nwmsof@yahoo.com